Yes, The Big Meet is on again! And this years theme is nothing else than all about: SURVIVAL!

The planet will survive, but what about us, our homes, our food, companies, brands, our kids, our cities and our cultures?

Critical times call for radical solutions and we will serve you our usual high-speed cocktail geared towards the future. This year from two stages – main and pitching.  It will be all about sustainability, health and taste. Everything underpinned by the lastest in tech, data, biology and food.

This time we also take a bold step into the open, switch from conference to broadcasting and weave the Big Meet together with the Smaka Future Food Festival. We’re going fully open and live – the food revolution cannot be kept within the walls of a conference. And we embrace and extend the networking! Prepare to meet hordes of entrepreneurs, investors, corps, chefs and athletes!

June 10: The Big Meet Broadcast Day with Backstage Networking
Location: Stockholm Under Stjärnorna

Tickets: SEK 2000 (ex VAT)

We go deep and beyond the Big Questions in our normal, intense style. We aim at disrupting your ways of thinking by pointing out new developments and what is coming around the corner. Yes, there will be deep science, strategic insights and thought-provocation and it will not always be easy to digest. And we promise that there will be no marketing managers allowed on stage to sell canned corporate messages! 

Startups: Would you like to pitch at the event? Please send a letter to 

June 11 (9 am - 1 pm) Pitch Me Anything Foodtech Matchmaking

A morning of intense matchmaking. Did not have time to meet everyone you wanted during the Day 1 of the conference? No problem, we extend the networking part!  Send a tweet with #bookmeBM2019 @swefoodtech before the conference and write what/who you are looking for! We will make it happen. 

June 11 (2.30 pm - 6 pm) Invitation only Offsite Networking event 

Location: Secret

The event is about achieving the biggest impact yet, by uniting the most relevant and brilliant minds in one truly unique setting. We aim to bring 100 entrepreneurs (startups, scaleups, and champions) and connect them to the 100 most relevant investors (angels & venture capitalists) & original thinkers (experts, chefs, athletes, city leaders, media, etc).  If you think you have what it takes you can apply for an invitation at

Welcome to an amazing week in Stockholm or online!
The Sweden Foodtech team

Amanda Power
Associate Professor of Medieval History, St Catherine's College, Oxford

Amanda is a historian of religion, power and intellectual life in medieval Europe. She has been involved in developing the field of global medieval history, and new approaches to historical study that speak to the concerns of the mounting climate and environmental crisis. She is currently working on a book, "Medieval Histories of the Anthropocene", which explores relations between religion, power and the construction of a shared public rationality in the building of medieval states across Eurasia. She is interested in how these centralising processes consciously dislocated humans from local ecosystems and specific and sustainable practices, while creating powerful and enduring narratives about civilisation, barbarism, paganism and the use of resources. A related, partly collaborative, series of projects ask about the future of the historical discipline, and of Humanities and Social Sciences more generally, in the politically, economically and ecologically unstable period that we are now entering.

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Ida Högberg
Founder & CEO Gigafood

Ida Högberg is the founder and CEO of the vegan food company Gigafood. She has a background as an actress and singer with several years of experience from film, musical and theater scenes around Sweden. Despite a successful career, her commitment to food and sustainability made her to go to Florida to become a plant-based chef.Consequently, Gigafood always puts sustainability first at all stages of the production chain. The aim of Gigafood is not only to reduce its own ecological footprint by inspiring people to eat plant-based food, but also to inspire other companies to act in a more sustainable and transparent direction. Gigafood is the first company in the world to be allowed to label the entire menu with WWF’s One Planet Plate certificate, a guarantee that all meals stay within planetary boundaries.

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Anna Throne-Holst

Anna is the CEO of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in New York. She is perhaps best known for being the first Swede ever to run for congress, but her work at the vanguard of sustainability deserves more attention. Anna is the founder of the Sustainology conference in New York, focusing on the intersection of business and sustainability. And, yes, she invented the word too...

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Anna Gissler
Invest Stockholm

Anna Gissler, CEO, Invest Stockholm since October 2008. Invest Stockholm is the official Investment Promotion Agency in Stockholm. Our service includes matching investors with opportunities, and providing advice and practical assistance, free of charge, in setting up and expanding a business in Stockholm.  We work to make Stockholm the most attractive city for investors, visitors and talent. Our vision is to be renowned as the most creative city in the world.

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Irma Arlert

Irma is the founder and VP of MyVegina. The ideology of MyVegina as a brand stands on three fundamental pillars: Veganism, which means taking care of yourself and the environment at the same time. And showing empathy towards not just animals but the next in line to pick up the pieces of your impact on the world. Symbiosis. The beauty of nature is the most soothing comfort chamber ever. Science tells us that just looking at a picture of greenery makes you calmer and lift your spirits. We need to nourish ourselves with recharging greenrooms and why not do it while we are eating. MyVegina is all about creating breathing rooms. Were you go to treat yourself on all levels and feel relieved and happy. Feminism. Really, it’s time society stops clinging on to stigmatizing women’s bodies. There is nothing shameful in them and we want to celebrate them and mother earth at the same time. 

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Mercedes Aráoz Fernández
Vice President of Peru

Mercedes is a Peruvian economist and politician. She currently serves, since 2016, as Vice-President of the Republic of Peru, Extraordinary Commissioner for Peru’s accession to the OECD, and as a member of Congress. She also served as Prime Minister between September 2017 and April 2018, and as President of the Congress Committee on Economy, Banking and Financial Intelligence between August 2016 and July 2017. She has a Bachelor Degree in Economics from Universidad del Pacífico, as well as an MSc in Economics from the University of Miami, where she was also a PhD candidate. After finishing her graduate education, VP Araoz returned to Peru and joined the staff of Universidad del Pacifico, focusing mainly on international trade and competitiveness. In 2005, she worked as a consultant for the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, and contributed in the negotiations which ultimately resulted in the FTA between Peru and the United States. 

The following year, she was appointed as Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, and during her tenure, she signed trade agreements with leading economies such as China, South Korea and the European Union. After serving briefly as Minister of Production, she was appointed in 2009 as Minister of Economy and Finance, the first woman in Peruvian history to hold this office. After these years of public service, she served between 2011 and 2015 as the country representative for the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), in Mexico City. Other relevant experience includes being an Executive Director of the National Competitiveness Council, vice president and member of the Antidumping and Countervailing Duties Commission of INDECOPI, and Director of the Peruvian Tourism Promotion Agency – Promperú.

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Anna Richert

Anna Richert is Senior Expert on Sustainable Food at WWF Sweden. She has dedicated her professional life to sustainable food systems and key results are a climate certification for food, the WWF Sweden One Planet Plate for meals within the planetary boundaries, the WWF Meat Guides as well as contribution to the global WWF network of food experts, notably on sustainable diets. She is a hobby beekeeper, and enjoys a plant based diet with the addition of mussels, small amounts of sustainable fish, pasture based meat and game.

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Carolina Sachs

Carolina has been working on sustainability issues in the business sector for more than 20 years. She helped develop the model for Sweden’s first sustainability mutual fund, Svensk Miljöfond, in her role at The Natural Step Foundation. She has also worked at the Consulate General of Sweden in New York with administrative issues, as a sustainability consultant for Bern & Partners and at Electrolux AB’s department of environmental affairs. She is and has been active on the boards of SOS Children’s Villages, Biomime at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, the Young Masters Programme for Sustainable Development at Lund University’s International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics and Förvaltnings AB Bergsundet, and is on the jury for the Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Apparel.Carolina has a Master of Science in Business and Economics from Stockholm University and a master’s degree in environmental and sustainable enterprises. She has also studied sociology, comparative politics and American politics at Columbia University in New York. For the last seven years, Carolina has been Secretary-General of Axfoundation.

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Louisa Burwood-Taylor
Agfunder, Head of Media & Research

Louisa is Head of Media & Research for AgFunder and chief editor of AgFunderNews, bringing over 10 years of financial journalism experience to the team. She has covered a range of financial products and markets during her career, from equity capital markets in Asia to structured bonds in Europe, before turning her attention to agriculture five years ago. She’s also been responsible for launching two publications: an institutional investment intelligence service for the Financial Times and the first-ever title focused on agriculture investment, Agri Investor, for PEI Media

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Anna König Jerlmyr
Stockholm stad

Mayor Anna König Jerlmyr was born in Uppsala in 1978. She has a background in economics and communications, and was a member of the Swedish Riksdag from 2006 until 2010. Upon entering Stockholm City Council in 2010 she was appointed Vice Mayor for Social Affairs and Chair of Stockholm’s Police Authority, posts that she held until 2014. From 2014 until 2018 she acted as Opposition Vice Mayor, representing the Moderate Party. Following the general and local elections in September 2018, the City Council elected Anna König Jerlmyr as Mayor of Stockholm.

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Sandhya Sriram
Shiok Meats

Sandhya is a biotech enthusiast, scientist, and entrepreneur, believing in the potential of translating biotech research into products. Currently, she is building Shiok Meats, a cell-based clean seafood and meat company based in Singapore. "Clean meat is like brewing beer: if you can accept drinking beer from bioreactors, why not meat?" - says Sandhya.

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An Wang
ASW Venture Partners

An grew up in China and moved to the U.S ten years ago. She's been working in food and agriculture investing, focus on real assets and venture investing in the U.S for the past three years. Previously, she worked in investment banking & corporate development. Passionate about sustainable food & agriculture and innovations, she founded ASW Venture Partners, a family venture fund, to address challenges in the global food & agriculture value chain. 

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Natalie de Brun Skantz

Natalie de Brun is an economist and urban farmer who has co-founded the vertical farming company Grönska together with Petter Olsson and Robin Lee. Grönska develops technology for vertical farming and grows vegetables and herbs that are sold through food stores and wholesalers. The vision is to contribute to a more sustainable food consumption by producing locally grown food at large scale.During 2018 Grönska constructed one of Europe's largest vertical farms, situated in the south of Stockholm and the plan ahead is to continue the expansion. 

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Tove Larsson
Interim Head of Department at Matcentralen, Stockholm City Mission

Matcentralen is the name of the department within Stockholm City Mission working with surplus food. At the present it consists of two social supermarkets (Matmissionen) and one food bank. Work integration is a central part of all areas. Matcentralen cooperates with around 35 different food suppliers and dispose about 50 ton surplus food each month. 

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Ulrika Brydling

Ulrika Brydling has togheter with her sister and husband, they ran Baggårdens Värdhus 1998, Marmite in Åre 1999-2008 with a location in the White Guide as no. 14 in 2006, 2012-2014 Breeding at Åhléns. Engaged in the own movement UJC Sustainable Food since 2015 and now runs Bro Park Krog on Sweden's largest track.

Ulrika Brydling with her sister Carina (standing) Former member of Team Milko (Regional team consisting of only girls), took silver in Food OS 2004, Silver in World cup 2006, semifinal in Chef of the Year 2007 and 2008, Junior chef national team trained for Food Olympics 2008 , a total of a third position. Member of Äkta Vara, Ekokockar and Ecological Farmers. The title she use is Eco-chef, is a trained sommelier and holds courses / lectures within sustainable meal for private / public sector, creative managers, advertising assignments, prescription writing, translations, writing cookbooks, judges in food competitions and competition leaders for three competitions on a consulting basis.

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Nadja Karlsson

Nadja Karlsson has been lecturing and teaching professionally about Food & Beverage for over twenty years. Nadja's introductions to the tests she is holding at Spritmuseum have been likened to a mixture of noble lecture and stand up. Now she gives examples of some exciting Swedish drinks produced by small-scale producers.

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Howard-Yana Shapiro

Howard has been involved with sustainable agricultural and agroforestry systems, plant breeding, molecular biology and genetics for over 50 years. He has worked with indigenous communities, NGO’s, governmental agencies and the private sector around the world. His academic career spanned 15 years. Shapiro is a Senior Fellow at UC Davis, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, a former Fulbright Scholar, Ford Foundation Fellow, in 2007 Howard was made a Distinguished Fellow of the World Agroforestry Centre and authored the IAASTD chapter on Biotechnology and Biodiversity.  co-chair of the 1st and 2nd World Congress of Agroforestry and served as Chairperson of the External Advisory Board of the Agriculture Sustainability Institute at UC Davis. 

In 2009 he was named recipient of The Award of Distinction from The College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, UC Davis.  He led the global effort sequencing, assembling and annotating the Theobroma cacao genome, and initiated the Arachis genome. Shapiro founded the African Orphan Crops Consortium (AOCC) and the African Plant Breeding Academy (AfPBA) in 2011.  The effort will sequence, assemble and annotate 101 key food cultivars, which are the backbone of African nutrition. In October of 2017 he launched with collaborators the Foldit Aflatoxin Puzzle with 460,000 gamers to redesign and improve enzymes to degrade the aflatoxin.

He has been interviewed and published extensively in print, on the radio and television:BBC, CCTV, New York Times, Financial Times, NPR, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Fortune, The Economist, ABC, Scientific American, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Der Speigel, La Republicca, The Times of India, The Standard (Africa) Handelsblatt, DNA, The World Bank, National Research Council, International Finance Corporation amongst many.He collects and restores modern Japanese and Italian motorcycles, recently becoming a member of the 200 Mile Per Hour Club on an unrestricted 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa.  averaging 201.386 MPH at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

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Anders Jacobson

Anders Jacobson is co-founder and CEO of Blue, an impact-led global investment company based in Stockholm. Founded in 2017, the Blue portfolio already encompasses a growing number of Nordic and international companies that harness human ingenuity to serve as a force for sustainable good in society. Investments are made under four themes; food & health, water, renewable energy and sustainable material innovation. In addition, Blue holds and operates one wholly-owned company, Bluewater, which is a world-leader in the water industry, innovating water purification technology and solutions in a world where water quality can no longer be taken for granted. 

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Brent Loken
Director of Science Translation at EAT

Brent is the Director of Science Translation at EAT and was one of the lead authors on the EAT-Lancet Commission on Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food Systems and he has published numerous articles on health and sustainability. His current work focuses on turning research into action and collaborating with business and policy makers to develop science-based targets for the food system. Brent has also been involved in building schools, saving rainforests, researching endangered species, and working with indigenous peoples. He made headlines for rediscovering an extinct monkey species in Borneo and that orangutans walk on the ground. Rarely patient, Brent believes to achieve the SDGs and Paris Agreement it will be because of fast moving and innovative organizations that disrupt the status quo and show the world a better way. 

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Alessio D'Antino
Founder & CEO Forward Fooding

Alessio is the founder & CEO at Forward Fooding, the world's first collaborative platform for the food and beverage industry.

In 2014, he founded the company (formerly known as Crowdfooding) with the aim of broadening access to capital for food and FoodTech entrepreneurs and ever since started to build a community of innovators tackling some of biggest challenges affecting our food system.

Alessio is an avid startup aficionado and a big-time foodie determined to create the largest community of food innovators in the world. He now works with F&B companies of all sizes with their endeavors of understanding how entrepreneurship, collaboration, and investment models can be used to create a more sustainable future of food. 

Alessio regularly speaks and consults food company on technology and investment models to foster food innovation. Some of his recent speaking engagements include presentations at Food IT conference (USA), Food & Beverage Innovation Forum (CHI), EIT Food Open Innovation Forum (SP), Food Vision (UK), Food Matters Live (UK), Sweden FoodTech (SE), Agtech&Foodtech Berlin Summit (GE), Smau (ITA - UK) among others. He is a council member of the Launch Food Forum and a London Tech Advocate within the FoodTech chapter.

A global citizen at heart he has lived and worked in Italy, South Korea, Australia, US and UK where he is currently based. He very much enjoys connecting passionate food people when not trying new forms of food.

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Rob McInerney
Founder and CEO at IntelligentX

Rob is the founder and CEO at IntelligentX, where the mission is to create the world’s greatest consumer product experience. They want to mine the wonders of technology and harness artificial intelligence in order to respond faster to your tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a creature of habit or you like to break the rules, IntelligentX want you to help us create products that you want now but also those that evolve with your tastes.

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Mattias Weinhandl
NHL player

NHL pro turned investor. Has been an active entrepreneur and investor since 2010.Passionate about supporting entrepreneurs solving big problems, spending time with my family (wife and two kids). Curious and a life-long learner. Interested in all high-impact startups with a penchant for health and foodtech startups. 

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Mats Hederos
CEO AMF Fastigheter

In 2010, Mats Hederos was appointed CEO of AMF Fastigheter, a subsidiary of the pension company AMF. Under Mats Hederos leadership, AMF Fastigheter has developed into one of Sweden’s largest property investment and development companies, currently owning and managing 39 properties with approx. 800 000 sq m of commercial real estate. The company has grown from approx. 30 employees in 2010 to approx. 100 employees by the end of 2017. The estimated market value of AMF:s Fastigheter ́s portfolio has grown from approx. EUR 2 billion in 2010 to about EUR 6 billion by the end of 2017. 

AMF Fastigheter ́s overall mission is to create stable returns to AMF:s pension savers. Over the past five years, AMF Fastigheter has had an annual average return of 11,6 per cent (unleveraged). Over the past 3 years the same number has been 15,1 %. The company’s largest project so far is Urban Escape Stockholm and the development of Mood District, including Epicenter, Stockholm’s first House of Innovation. The Lobby – a new retail experience opening in April 2018 – is the company’s latest project. 

Seeking opportunities to find innovative ways to meet tomorrow's consumer needs (in both workplace and retail) has since the start in 2010 been a great personal driving force for Mats. On a personal level, being part of Stockholm's development, creating an environment which people, businesses, and visitors will find attractive, is one of the most satisfactory parts of Mats work. Partaking and contributing to the creation of Stockholm as an innovation‐ and digital tech‐hub is another part of Mats work that he particularly enjoys. 

Mats has throughout his career held various positions relating to investments and/or development of properties. Mats was born in 1957 in Kalmar. He graduated from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) in 1983 with a Master’s degree within the Science program. Mats also holds a diploma as Financial analyst from Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) from 1998.

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Henrik Stamm Kristensen
Founder and CEO of Blendhub

Henrik Stamm Kristensen, founder and CEO of Blendhub, was born in Denmark in 1964. From an early age, his passion for food led him to dream of bringing disruptive innovation to a very traditional food industry. From 1985 active in the food ingredients industry and from 1997 started his entrepreneurial adventure resulting in start-up of 5 ag-tech companies until today

He founded Blendhub in 2013 with a vision: to lead a change in the agri-food value chain that makes access to food and nutrition fairer and safer, reaching more people in more places. 

The key asset in Blendhub’s business model is the patented, modular and portable food production unit that can be deployed anywhere in the world in less than 6 months. Production and quality control are managed using cloud-based software, enabling total control of the processes. 

By localising food production hubs next to raw materials sources and final customers, the model facilitates the use of as many local ingredients as possible and the streamlining of the entire supply chain, enabling faster, safer and cheaper production anywhere and consequently lowering the final price of food products to consumers. 

The current network of production hubs is present in Spain, India, Mexico and Colombia. Henrik has set the challenge of expanding the global network of hubs to a least 50 around the globe during the coming few years. The expanded network will allow food and nutrition to be produced in areas where it has not been possible before and making it feasible to believe that we now can reach, among others, the UN's Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger by 2030.

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Magnus Johansson
CEO Coop Sverige AB

Magnus Johansson has a long and extensive career from retail. In 2017 Magnus was recruited to the position of CEO at Coop Sverige AB, where he immediately laid out a growth strategy for the entire company. With about 650 stores around Sweden, Coop has recently announced the intention to acquire all of the 160 Netto stores from Danish Salling Group, thereby positioning Coop as Sweden’s second largest food retailer. 

Within his commitment of a profitable growth for Coop, Magnus is committed to deliver on Coop’s customer promise of affordable, sustainable food inspiration. Coop and its premium private label Änglamark are continuously top-ranked as Sweden’s most sustainable brands in the food and beverage industry. 

Before joining Coop, Magnus headed Mekonomen, a stock market company and the market leader in automotive spare parts. Prior to that he spent two years as head of Sourcing and Logistics with Coop Sverige AB. He started his career with 10 years in various managerial positions at Lantmännen, a north European leader in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy and food products. Magnus holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Lund. In his spare time, Magnus devotes himself to coach his children’s sports teams, football and floorball. His many years of playing semi-professional football in his youth and today as a coach has formed his managerial style; combining a strong focus on the goal with the importance of getting the entire team onboard.

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Gustaf Brandberg
Gullspång Invest

Gustaf Brandberg is a partner at the family controlled Gullspång Invest. He is the co-founder and former CEO of Citerus. His mission is to improve the world through entrepreneurship and have fun in the process.

Gullspång Invest funds teams of entrepreneurs who are committed to building companies making a big positive impact. Gullspång is purpose-driven, for profit and passionate, and are seeking long-term partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs. Investments include Axis Communications, Oatly and Trine.Citerus is a house of inspiration for the agile generation, making tech driven business happen through software development and agile training.

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Jeroen Leffelaar
Managing Director, Food & Agri Innovation at Rabobank Wholesale Netherlands, Large Coporates Food & Agri

Jeroen Leffelaar is Managing Director, F&A Innovation, at the wholesale banking division of Rabobank. He is appointed to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship in food & agtech by leveraging the bank’s global network and industry knowledge with the overarching goal to strategically engage with the best early stage companies. Rabobank strongly believes that groundbreaking startups in the food & ag value chain can help to nourish the world more sustainably. By creating eco systems such as FoodBytes!, F&A Next and Terra, Rabobank offers startups access to finance, knowledge and networks as the bank wishes to turn today’s new ideas and technologies into tomorrow’s game-changing solutions.

Jeroen is a co-founder of F&A Next, the European platform connecting investors, startups and corporates in the food and agricultural domain. Rabobank, Anterra Capital, Wageningen University & Research and StartLife jointly established F&A Next in 2016 to facilitate thought leadership and disruptive innovation in Europe for a more sustainable food & ag supply chain.

Prior to joining Rabobank as a senior banker in 2006, Jeroen held various positions in equity research, corporate finance and investment banking at a.o. Citigroup, Credit Suisse and Kempen & Co.

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Johan Swahn, PhD
Diaz & Swahn/Sense Lab

A former chef with a Ph.D in Sensory Marketing and Culinary Arts and Meal Science. Johan has vast business experience of working within the grocery retail sector, combining science and business in successful projects moving retail categories into new territory. He is highly acclaimed within the industry for his ability to create innovative concepts and for delivering inspirational talks on future trend predictions within the food and beverage sector, supported by his business acumen and strong ties to renowned academic institutes in Sweden and the US. With the combination of technical culinary skills, in-depth academia and business savvy Johan is unique and one to watch when looking to the future of food.

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Lars Appelqvist
CEO at Löfbergs

Lars Appelqvist came to the coffee roastery Löfbergs as a trainee in 1998, ten years later he became CEO. Lars believes in running a company profitable, long-term and sustainable.

Under his leadership, Löfbergs has become a national player for an international, fully integrated sustainability work in the business and built an efficient, modern and climate-smart production.

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Sorosh Tavakoli
Rubi Proteins

Sorosh is CEO of Noquo Foods that he started together with Anja Leissner in early 2019. Driven by climate impact, they aim to reinvent the foods we love. 

As consumers are shifting towards a plant based diet, Noquo Foods is using science and technology to develop tastier and more nutritious alternatives for the masses. The company is initially focused on cheese.

Previously Sorosh founded, ran and eventually sold Videoplaza, a software company with close to 100 employees across 8 offices.

Sorosh is born in Iran, raised in Sweden, lived 4 years in London and 2 years in NYC before moving back to Stockholm in early 2017. He holds a Masters from the Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm School of Economics.

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Johannes Cullberg
CEO at Paradiset Markmarknad

Johannes Cullberg is a serial entrepreneur with a strong drive and a passion for health-related business. He has received numerous awards such as Value driven leader of the Year 2018, The natural Outstanding Achievement Award 2017 and Stockholm’s most entrepreneurial person 2016. Through Paradiset (, Scandinavias largest natural and organic grocery stores, he is challenging the oligopoly in the Swedish grocery market. You can follow him in the podcast Vägen mot Paradiset.

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Anders Engström

Anders is a tech savvy journalist, speaker and change manager who in 2014 launched the blog with the intention of setting up a climate friendly restaurant serving burgers using protein rich edible insects. The restaurant plans had put on hold, and meanwhile the blog became a platform for advocating insects as food. In 2016 Anders started the network “Insektslobbyn” whos main goal was trying to convince Swedish authorities to follow the same path as Denmark and Finland and make edible insects legal food in Sweden. In November 2018 Anders research and explorations culminated in the Swedish “edible insect bible”, the book “Äta insekter: Entomaten och det stora proteinskiftet” (“Eat Insects: Ento food and the big protein shift”). A book that explains why we should eat insects, the hurdles we have to overcome, the story of the edible insect movement and a practical guide on how to “live the future today”. There are also some beautiful recipes made by insect chef Ola Albrektsson.

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Oliver Oram

Working with Blockchain, Oliver has spent many years working internationally in the Financial Technology sector. He has worked with the economic benefits of full and incremental decentralization. Has a strong interest in developing current and future DL technology, IoT, Supply Chain, Telematics. Has spoken at many events about the catalyst of blockchain technology for change, across sectors and industry. Digital currency adoption implementation. Advisory NED

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Mark Durno
Director AgriFood

Mark's goal is to help startups drive positive change in the food supply system. He is Director of Rockstart AgriFood, offering early stage Agritech and Foodtech startups access to capital, market, expertise and community through acceleration and investment. Mark is Scottish, based between Copenhagen and Amsterdam. He has a background in conventional/organic agriculture and vertical farming, having been a member of the startup team of UrbanFarmers AG and leading the finance, development and ramp-up of Europe's first commercial vertical farms in Switzerland and The Netherlands. He is also a qualified Scottish lawyer and holds an Executive MBA from Rotterdam School of Management. He currently leads Rockstart AgriFood, a €15million accelerator+follow on fund for AgriFood startups.

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Felix Cheung
Founder of IXON Food Technology

Felix Cheung is the Founder of IXON Food Technology. He is the inventor of advanced sous-vide aseptic packaging (ASAP), a patent-pending processing/packaging technology that allows foods, such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruits, to be sterilized at 60 to 80 °C. Through sterilization at such low temperatures, food manufacturers can turn perishables, such as medium rare steak and poached eggs, into shelf-stable products. Felix obtained his PhD degree in Plasma Physics from the University of Sydney and his Master degree in Food Analysis and Food Safety Management from Hong Kong Baptist University. 

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Florian Pinel
IBM Academy of Technology

Florian Pinel is a Senior Technical Staff Member and Master Inventor in the Cognitive Applications group at IBM. He is also a member of the IBM Academy of Technology and of the IBM Industry Academy. He received a M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Paris in France, and a Culinary Arts diploma from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York.Before his current role, Florian worked at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, focusing on Business Process Management, IT Services Management, and Software as a Service. He is one of the inventors of IBM Chef Watson, an application that uses machine learning and natural language processing to demonstrate computational creativity and suggest original recipe ideas. He currently works on video analytics and machine learning model management.Florian is a senior member of the IEEE. He co-authored two books, Cognitive Computing with Chef Watson, and Towards Creative Machines, and holds about twenty patents, mostly in the field of artificial intelligence and its applications. He also writes a blog about Eastern European cuisine, Food Perestroika(  

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Sanjoo Malhotra
Tasting India Symposium

I had the good fortune to come from a diverse upbringing in India. I am a Punjabi, born on 23 December 1970 in Kolkata, grew up in Bangalore and Chennai, studied in Manipal, worked in Goa and have also trained in Mumbai and New Delhi. Moving to Sweden in 1996 and after having completed a Masters in International Business at Stockholm University, I became interested in the interplay between Globalization, Innovation, Design, Technology, Business and Culture. Since then, I undertook a project with e2home, an Ericsson/Electrolux Joint venture conceptualizing new products and services for the Smart Home and Smart Kitchen. From 2006 to 2013I have contributed extensively in planning, strategizing and organizing global think tanks like Globe Forum, Future Design Days and events for Swedish India Business Council, ITIM International and private events which have a India focus. In Globe Forum, I arranged a three day event on emerging markets in 2007 with 2000 people and included few heads of state and was instrumental in bringing the leading CEO’s and media from India. 

I have a deep interest in promoting and showcasing India to the world. In 2013 in collaboration with the Indian Embassy of Sweden have created a brand platform called India Unlimited ( to promote business and cultural connections between Sweden and India.As Indian Food is my passion, I also lead food tours to India and offer Indian culinary courses in Sweden. I am the Founder of Tasting India Symposium , which has been recognized in India as the first cross-section dialogue to take a 360-degree view of food, linking traditional farmers to urban tables via the modern marketplace, promoting sustainable food culture and promoting India as a food destination for the global traveler. Nordic Council of Ministers has selected me as a Trace Explorer from the Nordic Food Manifesto to the India Food Manifesto.

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John Manoochehri

John Manoochehri is the founder and CEO of BASE2, a data + design company in Silicon Valley and Stockholm. Last Meter® is the community and platform for real estate, hosted by BASE2, for user services and retail to make on-demand living safer, cheaper and more sustainable. John is an architect and environmental scientist, and previously wrote to the policy book on sustainable urban consumption for the UN Environment Programme, and the global handbook on sustainable city solutions for WWF. John Manoochehri has a single goal, to prove to property owners that their future does not lie in buildings, but in the service layers around the buildings. Sounds complex? It isn't. Once the concept has sunk in, you will never see buildings the same way as before. Hint, food is a key element.

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Chris Fung
Business Angel

Chris is a seasoned London investor in the food space. He has built up chains, invested in several successful entrepreneurs and is the nicest guy around. He talks fast, really fast, which is a sign of how fast he thinks.

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Daniel Lundh

Daniel is the co-founder and CEO of Lifvs. Sweden’s first unmanned grocery store chain. Daniel has over 20 years of international entrepreneurial experience, bringing ideas to life across several industries and markets. Founder of Aidbox that enables individuals and corporations to come together to support the non profit sector. Co-founder of one of Sweden’s largest food and beverage co-op companies, also operating in the U.S.

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Teppo Ylä-Hemmilä

Teppo has always been keen on food, innovations and brands. Running a family bakery in the countryside has taught what is needed to become a well known manufacturer in a very traditional grocery business. His favourite quote is what ever you think, think the opposite. 

Teppo has won several awards in Finland such as Countryside's Doer of Future, Local Food Influencer at Kesko Food Awards and become well known as the inventor of Puhtikaura, a grocery of the year 2016 in Finland.

Since 2016 Teppo has been a spokesperson of oats. Not only because he loves oats but more about the countless possibilities it offers. To get plant based food as a standard we have to take care equally about nutritional values and the taste. 

As a founder of Oatlaws he is pushing the oats movement across categories. From Nordic perspective, we also have a responsibility of growing the demand for oats. It needs something more than grains, oat milk and oat meals.  World domination will follow.

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Gunnar Wettergren
Stockholm University

Gunnar Wettergren works as a researcher and teacher at the department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University. He has over the last 5 years worked with digitization of society and has been actively involved in large-scale EU pilots establishing the new EU standard for eID and cross-border exchange of information between agencies among other things. The importance of sustainability and the lack of information around food prompted the creation of the Food Awareness Initiative in 2019 which is focusing on the idea of making data useful and available. 

The aggregation, improvement and openness of data is key to a democratic and well functioning food chain. Gunnar has previously been the Director of a research unit of 50 people at the department focusing on interaction design and learning and served as the vice-director of eGovlab for a number of years. Furthermore, he is also on the board go GlobeEd a Norwegian fund focusing on spreading and aiding education around the globe. 

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Fabio Ziemssen

Fabio is passionate about Innovation, FoodTech and Creative Entrepreneurship. Speaker, Moderator and Community Builder. He is Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman of the board at FoodNext.

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Kevin Camphuis

After 20y. in strategy and breakthrough innovation management at a global leader in the industry, Kevin co-founded ShakeUpFactory, a unique Foodtech business and innovation accelerator installed in the heart of StationF in Paris. It brings together an international ecosystem of more than 125 startups, retailers, corporations and investors and fosters synergies between them to accelerate the development of future food solutions and champions.

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Jian Yi
Good Food Fund

JIAN Yi is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker and cultural activist. He is a 2009 Yale World Fellow, a 2008 India-China Fellow, a 2008 Asian Cultural Council grantee and a visiting fellow at Cambridge University in 2007. His films have won international awards and toured worldwide including at New York’s MoMA. Partnering with Brighter Green in 2009, JIAN made What’s For Dinner?, the first short documentary made in China about the environmental footprints of meat consumption and started to work on food issues. He founded the Good Food Fund under the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation in 2017, which has become the nation’s pioneer project on fostering leadership on sustainable eating through training, incubating and an annual Good Food Summit.  

During the lunar New Year 2019, JIAN created the Food Forward Forum with Yale Hospitality and headed a delegation consisting top Chinese chefs, entrepreneurs and journalists that toured U.S. east coast and created a dialogue with the Plant Forward movement in the U.S. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame (Peace Studies) and the Communication University of China (Journalism), where he also taught for four years before moving on to working with a European Union project in China for three years in the early 2000s.

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Kate Snow

Kate trained as a Home Economist at University College Birmingham and has since had a varied career in the food industry. Working for several large companies including Iceland, Sharp, RHM and more recently works behinds the scenes for celebrity chefs and has even presented on QVC.Kate has worked with Quorn for over 20 years and in that time has seen many innovative Quorn products come onto the market from Quorn bacon to fishless fingers.Kate’s role involves presenting new products to foodservice and retail sectors, wholesalers and contract caterers. She’s also involved in writing and developing new recipes and styling the dishes for photography.   Kate visits schools, working with children to bring food and nutrition to life in the classroom as well as working with and training school caterers. She is a long standing committee member of LACA (Lead Association for Catering in Education). Kate heads up a team of dedicated Home Economists who work in the field for Quorn. Kate is passionate about encouraging chefs and culinary students to cook creatively with alternative proteins and in turn helping consumers to enjoy more sustainable meat free meals without compromising on taste and flavours.

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Chef Justin Horne

Chef Justin Horne is a British Eco-Chef, Food Waste Activist and Sustainability Lecturer. Justin spent 10 years in fine dining and Michelin star restaurants. He was disillusioned with the imbedded wasteful processes of restaurants. So in 2015 Justin launched Tiny Leaf London’s first Zero Waste, Organic, Vegetarian restaurant. Working with farmers, wholesalers and retailers to utilise their surplus and wonky veg. In 2019 Justin and team are launching a circular economy vertical farm restaurant called S A T I V A in London’s Kings Cross. It will grow its own fresh produce, generate its own energy and turn its waste back into energy. Justin also lectures at London’s universities and schools on sustainability and food waste.

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Chef Arthur Potts Dawson

British Chef Arthur Potts Dawson has been cooking for over 30 years, starting his career as a chef in 1987 with a three year apprenticeship with the Roux brothers. Since then, he has worked at Kensington Place, as head chef at the River Café and alongside Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall and Pierre Khoffman. He restyled Petersham Nurseries kitchen, led the re-launch of Cecconi's restaurant for the Soho House group, and worked as executive head chef for Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Restaurant and Piccadilly Diner. His two restaurants Acorn House and Water House have won numerous awards for their excellent food and sustainable practices such as rooftop gardens, low-energy refrigerators and wormeries, proving the profitability of an eco-friendly approach. 

Additionally, Arthur founded The People’s Supermarket, a supermarket that connects the urban community with the local farming community by stocking high quality and environmentally friendly produce from trusted, local suppliers.  As such, The People’s Supermarket is challenging the food industry to achieve a more sustainable and food secure future. As an advocate for sustainable food production, Arthur often speaks on issues relating to global hunger and food waste in his role supporting the UN World Food Programme. Arthur has also worked on shows for the BBC Radio 4 food programme and writes for the Guardian’s food and travel section. Alongside all of this, Arthur consults on large scale sustainable food innovation with Ikea Food, The Fazer Group and Unilever.

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Chef Lerato Sitole

South African Chef Lerato Sitole’s story makes a full-circle turn. After qualifying as a chef, Chef Lerato started her career working in restaurants, private corporate catering, on boats and in private homes. When she got the opportunity to start her own café in Cape Town, she jumped at the chance! However, with no one to look after her children full-time, Chef Lerato had to sell her café and take a more corporate job, training communities and bus drivers as the then-new initiative of MyCiti buses was being rolled out.

With her bubbly personality, Chef Lerato struggled to work in a corporate environment. Breaking through her anxiety, Lerato made the cut. Luckily during her corporate job, Chef Lerato had kept her fingers in the cooking community pie, collaborating with like-minded friends and cooking for private families. So as soon as she left her corporate job, Chef Lerato easily slipped into being a full-time private chef for various families. This is temporary while she cooks up her next big idea.

“I want to bring Africa together through food – anyone who was born in Africa, who loves food, and who wants to collaborate,” is how Chef Lerato explains her business idea. “I want to bring awareness to South Africans about neighbouring Africans. A common base connects our cuisines, and this common base has been taken by each group of people and changed just a little. People need to realise the essence of our foods is the same.”

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Chef Palmiro Ocampo

As an advocate for the World Food Programme, Chef Palmiro Ocampo is a Zero Hunger champion in his home country Peru, working to eradicate hunger and end all forms of malnutrition. To this end, Chef Palmiro is part of Generacion Con Causa, a new generation of Peruvian chefs that involved in social gastronomy, and helped lead TV show Cocina Con Causa (Cooking with Cause), a programme showcasing nutritious, affordable, tasty and accessible cooking. He has also started his own non-profit Ccori Optima- an organisation teaching people how to utilise all parts of an ingredient and reduce food waste. 

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Chef Megha Kholi

India’s Chef Megha Kohli is one of the country’s youngest chefs. Currently the head chef of Lavash By Saby, the Armenian restaurant in Delhi’s artsy Mehrauli area which has created quite a buzz, Megha has already garnered an experience of twelve years in the industry at this young age.Deeply influenced by her grandmother’s and mothers cooking, Megha started pottering around in the kitchen when she was barely  5, indulged, as she was by her grandmother who had no qualms about her messing up the kitchen! She has previously worked with Oberoi hotels, The Olive Bar and kitchen group of restaurants and is also an independent food consultant. 

Currently Megha is the head Chef  and head of operations at Lavaash By Saby and is heading the kitchen and restaurant operations there. Lavaash is the only Armenian restaurant in the country. She was involved with Lavaash since its inception and stayed Calcutta for 2 months to research on Calcutta-Armenian cuisine.  She believes firmly in using only local , regional and sustainable produce. Her restaurant is one of the first restaurants in India that has a menu that uses 100% local ingredients and nothing in the kitchen is imported . 

Known for her very warm and affable nature, Megha is a popular name in the industry now. She loves to interact with her guests and rattle off the history behind each dish she serves. She wants her guests to know just how much thought , effort and research have gone  into the preparation of each dish. 

Megha’s mantra, however is, that cooking is an emotional process and not a technical one. You can serve the most perfectly prepared dishes, but if you haven’t connected with the food and the farmers while making it, it’s an effort gone waste. F

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Chef Chris Wong

Born in China but raised in France, Chef Chris had the chance to learn from the world's finest culinary traditions. He started working in professional kitchens when he was a teenager in Paris and two decades have passed, he is still fascinated by his job as a chef. In 2008, Chris won the Bocuse d'Or China award. In 2014 he was championed at the reality show Taste Wars at CCTV2(central China television). In 2015, Chris won the annul Table Art Award, awarded by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Chaine des Rotisseurs. In recent years, Chris gradually moved towards a plant-based diet and dedicated much of his time in promoting this diet. Chris is based in Guangzhou, China.

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Chef Manjit Singh Gill

Former Corporate Chef, ITC Hotels Indian Chef Manjit Gill is a highly acclaimed chef with over four decades of excellence in the culinary profession. With a mantra of “discovery & constant innovation”, Chef Manjit is held in the highest regard by the hospitality industry’s top gastronomic echelons. Chef Gill has been honoured innumerable times for his formidable work with restaurant brand creation, icons of Indian cuisine such as Bukhara, Dumpukht, Kebab & Kurry, Dakshin, Royal Vega – Honestly vegetarian.

Chef Manjit has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from India’s Ministry of Tourism in January 2006; presented the “Punjabi Gold Award” for invaluable contribution to Punjabi community by the World Punjabi Organization in 2007; and received the prestigious Paryatan Ratan (Jewel of Tourism)  by Panjab University in March, 2016.Chef Gill is passionate in researching and applying the learning of Ancient Indian Cuisine and a great believer in the sustainable food philosophy of Indian Vedic knowledge - Ayurveda and Slow food. Chef Manjit has authored a number of books: Eating wisely & well by Penguin, Fire / Water / Earth / Air / Ether Secrets of Indian gastronomy and Indian Spa Cuisine. Chef Manjit is also a founding member of the monthly magazine “Cuisine Digest” to share knowledge with the Chefs by Chefs.

As a President of Indian Federation of Culinary Associations, Chef Manjit has India’s membership of World Association of Chef’s Societies – WorldChefs; currently serving as chairman of the WorldChefs’ Culinary Culture and Heritage Committee. Under his leadership “Chef & Child” was started in 1995 and spread all over India.

In Manjit’s own words, “ In many respects my philosophy on food and my life are same - both should be an experience of happiness, serenity and joyful living. These principles have developed from a broad range of professional experiences as well as from contact with people of diverse cultures and lifestyles. This truly reflects Chef Manjit’s perspective of food and life. “My kitchen is a mystical place, my temple. It is where the learning of the past transfer into the future.”

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Chef David Johansson

Swedish Chef David Johansson started his career working in a number of restaurants in Stockholm, Denmark, Norway, and France before moving across to the US to work as executive chef at the Swedish Consulate General in New York. From there he opened up an espresso bar that paid tribute to the Swedish tradition “fika” (coffee break) and later expanded the one café into a chain. Upon returning to Sweden, David realized that his passion for food lay with creating food product and so decided to work at IKEA with the aim of showcasing the Swedish cuisine. As a product developer of IKEA Food and restaurant, Johansson tried to implement the following five key principles in tandem: form, function, quality, sustainability, and a low price. David has since gone on to focus on recipe development at Ikea Food.

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Chef Chantelle Nicholson

New Zealand Chef Chantelle Nicholson is the multi-award winning chef patron at Tredwells , as well as Group Operations Director for Marcus Wareing Restaurants. As one of the UK’s leading female names in the hospitality industry, Chantelle’s impressive ascent on the culinary career ladder and achievements to date set her apart as a remarkable talent and a source of inspiration to hospitality professionals across the UK. 

Originally from New Zealand, Chantelle trained as a lawyer, before discovering her passion for food. In 2004 she entered the Gordon Ramsay Scholarship competition, earning a place in the final.  She met Josh Emett, judge and then head chef of The Savoy Grill by Marcus Wareing, in London. Impressed by her skills in the competition Josh offered her a job which she took up without hesitation, moving from Wellington to London. 

Working her way up through the kitchen, Marcus Wareing recognised her skills and took her under his wing at his then restaurant, Pétrus. From a commis chef to Senior Sous Chef in a matter of years, Chantelle was also instrumental in the operational shift of Marcus Wareing Restaurants, earning her a coveted Acorn Award in 2009. In 2011, Chantelle opened The Gilbert Scott, as General Manager, honing her business and operational skills in this iconic operation. 

2014 saw Chantelle open Tredwells, the largest of the Group’s restaurants in London’s West End. Returning to the kitchen in early 2015, Tredwells won the coveted award of ‘Best new restaurant – London’ at the 2015/16 AA Hospitality Awards. In July 2016 Chantelle’s skills were once again recognised as she won ‘Manager of the Year’ award at the 2016 Caterer Magazine Industry Awards. In October 2016, Chantelle won the prestigious ‘Woman of the Year’ at the inaugural Shine Awards which celebrate the female game changers in today’s hospitality world. In October 2017, she was presented with the Shine Awards 'Chef of the Year' award.

Alongside her work with the restaurants Chantelle has also co-authored all of Marcus’s cook books and has been instrumental in the expansion and growth of Marcus Wareing Restaurants, as Wareing’s business partner. Growing up in New Zealand, Chantelle learnt first hand about seasonal food, about how things grow, and about the ecosystem of the garden from a very tender age.  So it’s logical that as a fully-fledged chef, her heart lies in what comes from the earth. 

She is the chef that champions plant-based cooking, and ensures that there are plenty of plant-based dishes on the menu at Tredwells.  Her debut book under her own name will be published by Kyle Cathie Books in the Spring of 2018, Planted will focus on plant based recipes that deliver on taste and creativity. Chantelle’s contribution to hospitality in London alongside cookery books, TV appearances and film consultancy places her in the much deserved spotlight as one to watch, and one who is making impactful waves in the industry.

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Chef Ali Mandhry

Kenya’s Chef Ali Said Mandhry popularly known as Chef Ali L’artiste, is a Celebrity Chef, TV/Radio personality, culinary instructor and food stylist. Born in Mombasa, Ali discovered his love for cooking at the age of nine by cooking with his grandfather. Ali was inspired by Bil Hana Wal Shifaa, a cooking show that showcased Arab Cuisine and decided to teach himself to bake. In no time, he began earning his pocket money by taking orders for birthday and occasional cakes from his primary school mates, friends and neighbors. Following high school, Ali started work at the Sarova White Sands Beach Resort and Spa as an apprentice chef before enrolling in a food production apprenticeship at the Kenya Utalii College. After graduating, Mandhry pursued a career as an artistic chef to follow his passion for sugar artistry, pastries and cakes.

His aim is to inspire and educate people with the new trends in the culinary world. Chef Ali develops, writes and shares recipes on blogs and videos online so as to teach people how to cook. He has appeared on a number of TV and radio shows such as ABC The Chew, CNN African voices, Dubai TV, Hosted Pilipili Jikoni, Tamu Tamu on NTV kenya, kikwetu supa Chef on k24, Food Time on Pwani TV, and Celebrity Kitchen Raid on Zuku Entertainment. He currently co-host’s power breakfast Live on Citizen TV every Thursday preparing meals live on set for the third year on the row. To date, Ali has filmed and hosted over 100 episodes of his own TV cookery shows on several broadcasting networks in Kenya, East/Pan Africa and globally. Chef Ali writes a weekly recipe column for Eve magazine published every Saturday as a pullout magazine inside the standard newspaper. 

Through his career, Ali has worked both national and internationally to champion Kenyan cuisine. In 2011, Ali started a project that trained young chefs at Kenya Utalii College on pastry presentation as well as developed the “Basic Food Presentation Skills Course” that refined the presentation skills of hotel industry chefs in Kenya. Recognizing his work, Ali has been named among the top five reigning chefs of African cuisine by Africa Style Daily as well as vote number 1 chef on top 10 list in Kenya. He was also the first African chef to win the International Hall of Fame Award (USA) and serves as Kenya’s Chefs Global Ambassador. Ali has also been part of IFAD's Recipes for Change campaign, a project in which chefs highlight the need for smallholder farmers to adapt now to climate impacts to protect their food security. 

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Chef Michael Elégbèdé

A native of Nigeria, Michael Adé Elégbèdé started his journey in the kitchen at a very young age. As his mother and grandmother ran local restaurants that doubled as cooking schools for young women, he naturally found himself responsible for several tasks in the kitchen. At age 13, Michael arrived in America, where he spent his spare time working as a cook in his mother’s Nigerian restaurant. After high school, Elégbèdé attended The University of Illinois to study biology with the aim of becoming a doctor but left realizing his passion resided in the kitchen. Michael began his culinary career at Alliance Bakery in Chicago where he learnt the intricacies of baking and pastries. He then attended the Culinary Institute of America Greystone in California where he attained a degree in Culinary arts. After graduating, Michael further refined his skills working at restaurants across the country, including the critically acclaimed Eleven Madison Park Restaurant in New York. Elégbèdé works to rediscover and tell the story of Nigeria’s food culture with its unique flavors, ingredients, and cooking traditions, adding his own personal touch. 

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Chef Lorna Maseko

South African Chef Lorna Maseko is a ballet dancer turned celebrity TV chef. Her culinary adventures began when she took part in the first ever Celebrity MasterChef on DSTV and made it to the final Top 6 contestants. From this competition, Chef Lorna decided to launch a series of cooking events and blog titled “Cooking with Lorna and Friends”. In its fourth year, this cooking event has amassed a large following of food lovers across the country. 

Chef Lorna is currently the host and executive producer of The Hostess with Lorna Maseko, a new lifestyle reality series for food and entertainment connoisseurs. Chef Lorna is also in the process of writing a cookbook that is set for release at the end of 2018. 

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Chef Maximililan Lundin

Chef for 25 years cooking plantbased organic food. Written 4 cookbooks, cook vegan food on of the biggest TV-shows in Sweden on a regular basis, ran a vegan organic restaurant for 4 years, currently Country Manager for Simple Feast - a plant based organic box scheme company. Educate and lecture in sustainable cooking and eating. Live by these words: ”I want as many people to eat as much plants as soon as possible"

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Chef Leonilda Ximenes

Inspired by the seasonal ingredients in her native Timor-Leste, Nuqy transforms the edible biodiversity of this tropical island into the sublime. Nuqy specializes in working with the many varieties of rice, corn and rare root vegetables found in the remote villages where she grew up. Nuqy has been Head Chef at Agora Food Studio Since 2019 and is a founding member of the organization since its opening in 2016. As well as curating the restaurant's ever-changing menu, she is the lead facilitator of the Timor-Leste Food Innovators Exchange (TLFIX) project that works with Timorese entrepreneurs and communities to increase the presence of nutritious local foods in people's diets. Nuqy has represented Agora Food Studio internationally at the 2017 Eat Asia-Pacific Food Forum in Jakarta and has more recently travelled to Fukui, Japan, and Bali, Indonesia, as part of gastronomic exchanges.

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Chef Alex Hall

In the last 20 years, British Chef Alex Hall has been working in the catering industry from Michelin Starred restaurants through to feeding the revellers in fields across the UK at music festivals. Now working with Unilever Food Solutions, Chef Alex supports chefs across the UK and Ireland in various sectors from Education, Contract Catering and Elderly Care with the belief that sustainability is at the core of what we do, along with good food of course.

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Chef Natacha Gomez

Haitian Chef Natacha Gomez is passionate about tourism and gastronomy and became a government official appointed to promote the tourism in Haiti because of that. In addition, Natacha Gomez is letting the world discover her style of cooking as Chef T and Chef Natacha Gomez. Her cuisine ranges from the Taino’s, to The New Haitian Gastronomy which is about revisiting traditional dishes with a modern twist and to promote local, fresh and organic products. Her company, INVESTA HAITI, created the label 100% Lokal, a movement to help promote buying locally sourced products to boost the region’s economy. Chef instructor for World Central Kitchen, she also has her own line of products who range from hot sauces, jams, spices and traditional desserts. Food is not her only passion, she is deeply involved in her community by working with two women NGOs to help reduce the gender gap and empowering women.

Chef T is the founder and member of: Le festival du Café, Le Salon de la Nouvelle Gastronomie Haitienne, Co-owner of Kanowa Farms, President of AFADEM ( Aksyon Fanm Pou Demen Miyo) a women NGO, President of Women 4 Better World, Co-producer of Concours Culinaire Franco-Haitien, and a member of the celebrities Chef program of Holland America Cruise Lines. As a James beard Chef, one of Chef Natacha’s goal is to work and make her native land Haiti become a culinary destination. 

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Sweden FoodTech is the ecosystem for the next generation food system, based on tech, data, sustainability and health.

 Foodtech Village is the community of the foodtech change makers, the entrepreneurs shaping the future of food.

Our ambition is to build the world’s premier system for positive development of the food sector based on digital transformation and entrepreneurship. The system involves key players of the current food system, research institutes and the new entrepreneurs shaping the future of food.

We help startups reach their full potential, providing our corporate partners with our expertise in open innovation and emerging technologies; assisting partner VCs with their portfolio startups, and promoting the Sweden Foodtech scene at home and abroad through events and conferences. We open doors - locally and around the world.