10 - 11 June

Yes, The Big Meet is on again! 

This time we take a bold step into the open, switch from conference to broadcasting and weave the Big Meet together with the Smaka Future Food Festival. We’re going fully open and live – the food revolution cannot be kept within the walls of a conference. And we embrace and extend the networking!

June 5-9: Pre-Meet Live on Stage
Kungsträdgården, Stockholm
Tickets: Free

We host our Big Meet pre-meets live and online through our studio on the main stage at the amazing Smaka Future Food Festival in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm. There we will meet chefs, entrepreneurs, politicians and business leaders in talks around food and the future. And we’ll showcase funky stuff exhibited in the Festival’s Foodtech Village.

June 10: The Big Meet Broadcast Day with Backstage Networking
Tickets: SEK 2000 (ex VAT)

We go deep and beyond the Big Questions in our normal, intense style. We aim at disrupting your ways of thinking by pointing out new developments and what is coming around the corner. Yes, there will be deep science, strategic insights and thought-provocation and it will not always be easy to digest. And we promise that there will be no marketing managers allowed on stage to sell canned corporate messages!

June 11: Offsite Networking & Matchmaking Day
Tickets: SEK 1000 (ex VAT), special invitation only

For very, very special people (entrepreneurs, chefs, athletes, investors, and experts) we host a day of intense networking and development where we go offsite and ballistic. You will meet new friends, gain new insights and experience some strange food. If you think you have what it takes you can apply for an invitation at team@swedenfoodtech.com

Welcome to an amazing week in Stockholm or online!
The Sweden Foodtech team

Sweden FoodTech is the ecosystem for the next generation food system, based on tech, data, sustainability and health.

 Foodtech Village is the community of the foodtech change makers, the entrepreneurs shaping the future of food.

Our ambition is to build the world’s premier system for positive development of the food sector based on digital transformation and entrepreneurship. The system involves key players of the current food system, research institutes and the new entrepreneurs shaping the future of food.

We help startups reach their full potential, providing our corporate partners with our expertise in open innovation and emerging technologies; assisting partner VCs with their portfolio startups, and promoting the Sweden Foodtech scene at home and abroad through events and conferences. We open doors - locally and around the world.

Howard-Yana Shapiro

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Carolina Sachs

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Amanda Power

Amanda is a historian of religion, power and intellectual life in medieval Europe. She has been involved in developing the field of global medieval history, and new approaches to historical study that speak to the concerns of the mounting climate and environmental crisis. She is currently working on a book, "Medieval Histories of the Anthropocene", which explores relations between religion, power and the construction of a shared public rationality in the building of medieval states across Eurasia. She is interested in how these centralising processes consciously dislocated humans from local ecosystems and specific and sustainable practices, while creating powerful and enduring narratives about civilisation, barbarism, paganism and the use of resources. A related, partly collaborative, series of projects ask about the future of the historical discipline, and of Humanities and Social Sciences more generally, in the politically, economically and ecologically unstable period that we are now entering.

Amanda Power

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Anna Throne-Holst

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John Manoochehri

John Manoochehri is the founder and CEO of BASE2, a data + design company in Silicon Valley and Stockholm. Last Meter® is the community and platform for real estate, hosted by BASE2, for user services and retail to make on-demand living safer, cheaper and more sustainable. John is an architect and environmental scientist, and previously wrote to the policy book on sustainable urban consumption for the UN Environment Programme, and the global handbook on sustainable city solutions for WWF. 

John Manoochehri

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And more to come...

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